I realised recently, that spaghetti plays quite a big role in my life.  Mainly because it’s the wee boy’s ‘go to’ food, but also because it is so very versatile.

Almost any sauce goes with spaghetti, as has been proven by the realms of recipes around.  But our favourite, the ‘go to’ lunchtime spaghetti recipe, is probably the most simple.  Grated cheese and a little sprinkling of black pepper.

Now I know that many would recommend a glug – as Nigella so often refers to it – of olive oil to coat the spaghetti before sprinkling the cheese on top, but I find this takes aways the nuttiness of the taste, so instead, I tend to drain the spaghetti so that it has a slight dampness from the liquid it was boiled in before adding anything else.

And that is all there is to it.

Of course, if you want to go that extra mile, a few drops of Tommy K on top of the cheese is also very delicious…