Mackerel Pate

There are very few things more satisfying than the taste of something you had forgotten was so good.  

Mackerel Pate completely fulfills that brief.  Not only that but it takes moments to make and has very few but flexible, ingredients.

What, you may ask, is a flexible ingredient?

Well, let me explain.  Today, my mackerel pate consisted of a packet of smoked mackerel topped with peppers, a teaspoon of horseradish sauce, a pinch of smoked paprika and two tablespoonfuls of double cream, all whipped up together in the food processor.

However, you could replace the cream for creme fraiche, the smoked paprika for ordinary paprika or indeed, cayenne and the mackerel for any type of mackerel you fancy.  I would suggest that the mainstay non flexible ingredient would be the horseradish.  For two reasons.  Firstly because I know of no other taste quite like it, and secondly because I am ever so slightly obsessed with horseradish as a seasoning at the moment, so much so that I have persuaded my allotment partner in crime that we should grow some.  Not on our plot, obviously, as apparently it’s quite invasive, no no no, we are planning to become guerrilla lotty planters and pop some into the overgrown boggy bit next door…  I know, Ronnie Biggs has nothing on us…
Meanwhile, I have spent the last week in semi blindness thanks to the puppy delighting in not only managing to reach my glasses left on the kitchen table, but actively checking out how malleable they were

Turns out that neither the frames nor the lenses, which we found about four hours later, are not that tasty, or interesting after all.


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