This is one of my favourite ways to eat rice and fish.  Not only because it reminds me of my childhood and therefore gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, but also because for some reason the combination is just perfect.  

Now the more pernicious amongst you will notice that I add peas, which to some, may be an abhorrent idea.  However, I find they are the key to bringing it all together and I can only recommend that you try it before making your decision.

So, how does one put this little bowl of sunshine together?  

Firstly, bake a good piece of smoked fish, such as haddock or cod, in the oven for about 15 – 20 minutes.  Take out and leave in the tin foil until needed.

Now then, you can do the rice one of two ways.  Either boil it in a pan separately or, like a paella or risotto, cook in the pan with the onions and curry powder, adding water as you go.

Whichever way you decide to cook the rice, pop on a pan of frozen peas adding a sprinkling of sugar and salt to the water.  Sugar?  Well yes, it brings out the sweetness in the peas as, after having been frozen, they can often taste a little bland.

Place a couple of eggs in a pan and boil until hard.  10 minutes should do it.  Takes off the heat and plunge both whole eggs into cold water. 

Slowly fry an onion in a large pan with a generous knob of butter and a good grind or two of sea salt.  My big sister has a particularly fine pan for this kind of thing.  It’s like a frying pan with high sides and makes you feel like a TV chef.  However, if you don’t possess one of those, an ordinarily large pan or wok will be just as good.  You just won’t feel as TV chef-ish…

When the onion has become translucent, add a teaspoon of curry powder, mixing it in with the onion until all the pieces are coated.

If you have opted for the all in together method of cooking your rice, now is the time to add it.  Otherwise, add your cooked rice into the onion mix and stir until coated.

Cut up the eggs into shapes of your choice, flake the fish, drain the peas, and if you don’t live with children who are concerned about flecks of herbs in their food, chop a couple of tablespoonfuls of fresh parsley.

Add all the above, including any juice from the baked fish, into the pan containing the cooked rice and onions.  Stir gently until it is all integrated.


Meanwhile, our very clever puppy who has no discernable ability to monitor her own food intake and sees everything as a challenge, today learnt to open the cupboard with the puppy food in it and is now the size of a small donkey…


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