I recently took a couple of weeks off almost everything work time related, except perhaps the odd tweet, as I am slightly blown away, still, by it’s platform which allows you to talk to anyone, (who is also on twitter) about anything.  You don’t necessarily get a reply, but that is the nature of the beast.  Of course when I do receive a reply from an unexpected source, it makes me feel like I’ve won the conversation lottery.   For me, it’s a favourite communication tool.  

However, that aside, my couple of weeks off has given me time to think and reassess my style of food intake, which I have had to do in order to improve my health.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way shape or form dismissing the challenge, Ive just needed a time for reassessment, which I have to say is ongoing, but the foundations are laid.  In actuality I have had to accept that this will be a long, and sometimes laborious process which, quite frankly, needs humour, so I’m delighted that we have, coincidentally, recently added to our family in the guise of a gloriously mischievous chocolate Labrador who has absolutely no qualms about ‘releasing wind’ whatsoever.  

We shall leave it there.

One of the first foodstuffs I’ve had to change is pasta, which actually is a doddle because there are so many gluten free ones around that are just as tasty.  The hardest thing to decipher is home made snacks, which is why I am overjoyed to discover that celery stuffed with peanut butter is an absolute delight – as long as you have your own teeth.

Because, as with the glories of twitter, when you come across something edible that doesn’t have an impact on the global levels of methane, the internal delight is completely disproportionate to the actuality of what you have prepared.  Nevertheless, it is a combination which I highly recommend.  Unlike the gluten free bread I’ve recently made, but that’s another story…


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