Chocolate Flats

We are most definitely getting into the swing of the summer holidays now. Night time bars – a wee boy speciality, which for us means lighting a few candles outside whilst having a drink – have become a regular occurrence as the bed time routine slowly drains itself to a mere perchance if an idea.  In fact, although we are not going ‘on holiday’ specifically, we are definitely managing to fill our days doing seemingly very little, and accomplishing even less.

For example, the other day we arranged to meet a friend who we haven’t met up with for quite some time.  Luckily, there was a mini Breeze happening which meant the small ones could bounce to their hearts content whilst we caught up on the ever important gossip du jour.  

Now the thing is that I do not have the best sense of direction in the world.  To be honest it is not something I feel that has held me back at all, but it does get a little stressful when, having arranged to meet someone in a place you don’t know, you can neither find the place nor their phone number … However, we eventually arrived, a little dishevelled, to find that, due to wind inclemency, any notion of bouncing things being erected had been dismissed post haste – something about the people who live opposite the park grumbling about not wanting a 40 foot blue, yellow, red and purple inflatable blowing into their house – anyway, thankfully there was a play park there so all was well.  

And why am I telling you this? Well, it transpired that our friends have a cheekie recipe they do which consists of melting Mars bars, or their equivalent, and adding rice crispies (or their equivalent) which seemed a perfect day time challenge.  

Yesterday therefore, our ‘must at least do one thing’ mission was to make, what the wee boy has named, Chocolate Flats.  We did exactly as was prescribed but melted a little butter before placing the Mars bars in to melt, and then added a tablespoonful or so of cocoa powder to soak it up.

Surprisingly they don’t taste too sweet at all and compliment a cup of tea perfectly.  Probably a little too perfectly if truth be told, but hey, we’re on holiday… 


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