Meringue Strawberry Surprise


Meringue is one of those words that always makes me smile.  I think it sounds like a latin dance routine, especially if you mispronounce it.  Even when you bite into them, the taste seems to create an exotic dance in your mouth. You don’t think so? Next time you bite into a meringue, just imagine those sweet particles of sugar and egg white dancing together…

Another beautiful thing about meringues are, if you invest in a box of them, you can add whatever you fancy on top and still feel you’ve ‘made’ a pudding without the extremely long wait of having to slow cook anything in the oven.  Which is lucky, as we still haven’t got round to replacing our oven yet – it’s on the list.

I can hear you tutting gently in the background, and to be fair, you would have a point.  How could I possible write a blog about life and food if one of those elements has been seriously compromised?  A very good point which I could, if I were so inclined, counterbalance by saying I am challenging myself to create or write about foodstuffs which do not need any oven-ing.

However, the truth is we have not really missed the oven.  Firstly because it is summer and secondly because life has been so busy recently our routine has taken on a completely different rhythm.  Therefore, as is so often the case, the emphasis on what we eat, has changed.

Yesterday, though, I returned home from work determined to make a proper meal.

Now I don’t know about you, but I always feel as though we’ve eaten a proper meal if both a main course and a pudding have been presented.  Obviously if you add a starter to the mix, you are, in my opinion, veering into ‘dinner party’ territory which is a whole different ball game.  No, two courses to me says special family weekend meal, and this is where the shop bought meringues come into their own.

Basically, you can add anything to a meringue and it will taste divine, moreover, ready mades create puddings in minutes which are completely family friendly, by which I mean any sized hand can put the various elements together to make their own, individual, piece de resistance.   This little number is one that comes highly recommended.

Firstly, make up a packet of strawberry Angel Delight.  For those of you who have led a sheltered life and have not experienced Angel Delight, it is a glorious magical powder in a packet that you sprinkle onto half a pint of milk, whisk, and leave for five minutes only.

Within this timeframe the magic powder transforms the milk into a thick, sweet, creamy dollop of gorgeousness which just happens to work extremely well when plonked into the middle of a meringue and topped with fresh strawberries.  When you bite into it you will smile from the inside out.

We may not have a working oven, the sunshine may only be shining sporadically, life may have been flying by quicker than a bolt of lightning, but we have been making and eating Meringue Strawberry Surprise together.



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