Butter Wouldn’t Melt…

Butter wouldn't Melt

This is the face of a puppy which looks as though butter wouldn’t melt – a proverb meaning someone is acting as if innocent.  In this case, Billie, our puppy.  Now I know I have mentioned her quite a lot recently in the few blogs I’ve managed to write, and I promise you normal service will resume shortly, but if you will do me the honour of indulging me for a while longer, I would be eternally grateful.

Although Billie has, naturally, shifted our family rhythm, there are some things which remain a constant.  The bat mobile (car) breaking down, the bath overflowing and water coming through the kitchen ceiling, the heating system deciding to work full blast every time the hot water tap is used, on the hottest day of the year so far.  You know the score and I’m sure we all have these little things come to try us.

So today’s chapter went something like this…

As you know we have attempted to make some Elderflower champagne recently the success of which is, as we speak, unknown.  However, we did bottle one sample which hadn’t had the yeast added to it, as an experiment, you understand. Although our partner in crime had bought corks, it turns out they didn’t have the metal twisty thing, so we improvised and stuck a bit of tape around the bottle top after having pushed the cork in as far as it would go.  Strange thing to do you may think, but I have grown up with a dad who truly believes that ‘a bit of tape’ will resolve most practical issues, and who am I to disagree?

The bottle was then left on a shelf to do it’s thing.

This morning I noticed a funny black thing lounging incongruously on the table and for a while I thought nothing of it. Living with boys you get used to unfathomable small bits just hanging around and I have learnt not to touch or move them. However, it dawned on me after a short while, that this thing bore a striking resemblance to our champagne cork, which, on further inspection, proved to be correct.

So I knocked it back in with a mallet, and double taped it.

As the weather is doing an extremely brilliant impression of being summery, we have taken to having our morning cup of tea outside and having a moment to just enjoy the sunlight.  It’s also imperative that we spend this time outside as Billie needs her morning shenanigans.

Today’s foray into the unknown revolved around digging out some soil from a plant pot.  As she dug deeper she happened upon a few dormant daffodil bulbs and, as is a puppies want, chewed them.  Thinking very little of it, we prepared for the day.

As the bat mobile is now fully up and running again, I was able to book Billie in for her first vaccination at the vets.  We arrived, and waited.  Nothing unusual there. Eventually the vet was ready to see us, and, full of anticipation, we strolled in.

I mentioned, in passing, the daffodil saga of a couple of hours ago, enquiring without much thought, whether it was ok for dogs to chew bulbs.  As she’d not heard of a dog eating daffodil bulbs before, the vet Google’d it only to find that daffodil bulbs are, indeed, not conducive to a dogs health and can actually cause all sorts of tummy upsets.  So we were advised that it would probably be best to come back later.

The following conversations with both the vet and the veterinary nurse regarding the daffodil episode, ended with both of them rolling their eyes knowingly with a ‘that’s chocolate labradors for you’ kind of look.

This makes me think of two things.  One, we will probably be seeing them quite a lot and two, I must check the insurance policy to see if it specifically covers a chocolate labrador’s undiscerning palette.

So for the rest of the day I have become particularly vigilant of all things going in, and coming out of the puppy, whilst trying to cool down the house and find a way of restoring some semblance of order back into the household contents. This includes moving all jars, bottles, cups, paper, boys hair, and soft items that we would prefer to keep intact, out of reach of a small, but ever growing, puppy.

Which brings me to why, I believe, puppies have a butter wouldn’t melt face. Because even though nothing is out of bounds for investigation as far as Billie is concerned, her total dependence on us, her unashamed and completely innocent curiosity about everything, coupled with the most beautiful expressive face, creates the perfect environment to fall in love.  Which is what we have.  Hook, line and sinker.


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