Plain Sailing


In between the comings and goings of daily life and endless bowls of spaghetti we seem to be devouring at the moment, there is the very occasional moment for reflection.  I absolutely relish these moments, fleeting as they may be, knowing that they will very soon be interjected with a question which I will need to rummage through my densely populated mind files in order to answer.

Not as easy as you may think.  Especially when the request comes with a pre requisite of expectation.

I’m thinking of having a default answer, something along the lines of,

‘I’m sorry, the answer to the question you have asked is not available right now, please try again later’

Recently, I have been thinking about little boats and how wonderful it would be to have one.  There are a few set backs.  Not living by water is one, having nowhere to store it, another.  Minor details and nothing that can’t be overcome.

Meanwhile the wee one has been testing out his creativity.

Wee one: Mummy, come here

Me: Hang on (lacking the 100% enthusiasm expected)

Wee one: Quick, I need to show you something on the car.

Me: Just a minute – assembles swimming bag stuff

Wee boy: This stone is much sharper than I thought it would be

Me: …

Wee boy: Come and look, I’ve been drawing on the car

Me: (internally) Oh buggar.  (Externally) On my way…

It turns out that the stone was indeed quite sharp and the two places which have been etched, are prominent.

Himself’s response?

‘Thank goodness it was our car and not someone else’s’

This parenting thing – we’ve got it covered



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