Eating Custard Tart

Custard Tart

I would like to say I made this myself, but I didn’t.

It was, in fact, bought from a supermarket round the corner from where we live. Because sometimes you just have to buy in, eat, and smugly congratulate yourself on the research you have done proving that you could, more than likely, have made a much better one.

Had you the time and inclination.

The thing is, they come in packs of two, which was a perfect calculation in my mind as it’s the wee boy and my, ‘me and you’ day.  However, the wee one took one look at it and said,

‘What’s that?’ pointing to the nutmeg on the top.

And then before I had time to formulate an encouraging response he said,

‘I can’t eat that, I’m too busy’

So now I have a lonely custard tart that doesn’t taste of anything in particular, sitting on a plate waiting patiently for someone to taste test and confirm the wee ones suspicions.

Seeing is, sometimes, believing.


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