food processor

Last night, as we were watching the Antiques Roadshow, there was a knock at the door.   Although this is not unusual, it is also not usual without knowing who will be turning up.  We no longer live in a society where people just pop round on the off chance any more.  Well, hardly ever.

So, himself opened the door to find his parents standing there.  They are the only people that ‘just pop over’ these days.  Something I love.

My Mum-in-law said she had been reading my blog and handed me a box.   Like many people, in principle I love surprises, but have that inbuilt adult fear of not liking what I am given and therefore have a preset face look, just in case.  However this was totally unnecessary as, to my absolute delight, when I looked in the box there, all snuggled and shiny, sat a food processor.

Having battled on with the trusty steed of a hand blender for years, I could eventually recreate, with ease, ideas I have either read about, or seen on the television.  My heart absolutely soared.

It turns out the processor had been sat in it’s box for a few years having hardly been used.  I feel like the luckiest person in the world and spent the following hours considering what I could now make.  To some this may seem so irrelevant, but to me it has opened up a whole new page in the book.

This morning I made a carrot cake and for the first time could do that thing where you put the carrot in the funnel and gently push.  No more grated fingers or aching arms.   Even the pecan nuts were chopped in seconds.  And there are so many different bits of the gadget.  The pleasure I have already had from using the processor is immeasurable.

Right, I’m skipping off now to read through more recipes which specifically require a food processor.  Meanwhile, if you ever fancy popping round, there will probably be a little something which has been loving prepared via my newest thing of wonder, and if you’re really lucky, I might just let you have a go…


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