Melon, Mint & Parma Ham

melon and parma ham

I am trying my utmost to stay positive about this inclement weather we are experiencing.  Every year I forget that we are given a small sample of what is possible, before it is cruelly taken away.  Rather like on those old game shows where the host says, with glee,

“Let’s see what you could have won”

Never, I’m sure, meant maliciously, but shown to appease the audience.  Still, it must have hurt a little, surely, especially when the big prize was a caravan…

That said, we are where we are, at the beginning of May and engulfed in cloud and a cool breeze to boot.  However, this should never stop a person from indulging in a little light lunch which, albeit through olfactory alone, immediately recreates the sense of a warm summer breeze.   It is with this in mind that I threw together Melon, Mint and Parma Ham.

As you can see I used a cantaloupe melon as I love their sweetness, freshly picked apple mint from a pot planted up for me by my dad, and actually I didn’t use parma ham this time, but prosciutto.  In my mind they’re both very similar.

*hears cries of, ‘heathen,’ from afar*

The thing is, it is the most delicious combination, especially if you let everything sit in the bowl for an hour or so before indulging.   Melon is superb at taking on a hint of the flavours it is hanging out with, so when you eventually sit down to eat this bowl of refreshing delight, alongside the taste of sweet melon there will be a tang of mint and a soupcon of salt which is, to me, delicious.

So delicious in fact that I ended up, over the course of the afternoon, eating the whole bowlful.  Probably a little excessive, but no-one else wanted any and I can’t bear to see something so wonderful go to waste.

Meanwhile the wee boy and I made some more biscuits yesterday using exactly the same ingredients as we had done the other day, but instead of cutting out with a car shape, we used a labrador shape.  As soon as they were cool enough, the wee boy asked to quality control one.

‘Of course’, I said

After finishing his first mouthful, he turned to me with a look of delight and surprise and said,

‘They taste just like the car biscuits we made last week’

*sniggers, internally*


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