Poached Egg on Toast


I absolutely love eggs.  Their taste, coupled with versatility is, in my book, a perfect combination.  But of all the various ways an egg can be cooked, poached eggs hit the spot for me every time.

We actually have an egg poaching pan.  You know the ones? They have four semi circular metal cups with little metal loops for handles that get extremely hot very quickly whilst showing absolutely no discernible difference on the outside.  These are slotted into a metal circle which is suspended over a pan of water.  And yes, it is easy to poach an egg in these style pans, but, aside from invariably burning your fingers, they just don’t taste right.

The only way to really do a poached egg, for me, is in a pan of boiling water which has a splash of vinegar added to it before being swirled.  Clockwise.

By the way, did you know that water goes down plug holes in different directions depending on which side of the world you live?  I love this type of information, and although I have spent time finding out why, have not retained the reasoning.  I much prefer the wonder.

Back to the poached eggs.  I have recently taken to cracking the egg into a ladle before placing it into the boiling water, although I suspect I’m making a little bit of a mountain out of a molehill and actually, there’s an easier way.  I just haven’t, as yet, found it.

Moreover I have often glimpsed television chefs doing something with poached or boiled eggs that involves putting them in iced water, but, once again this method eludes me.

To be fair, I am partial to wearing metaphorical rose tinted glasses.

Meanwhile the weekend is upon us once more which, hopefully, will give me a little time to get my teeth stuck into my list of ‘to do’s’.  Or at least time to telephone people and talk about it.

It’s no good rushing into these things…


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