Wooden Spoon

wooden spoon

This is my newest addition to the wooden spoon collection I have inadvertently started.  At the moment my collection is small.  Almost non existent really.  I have three.

For years I pottered along with just the one wooden spoon that I truly used.  There were others, yes.  Especially when I shared houses with people.  But, for me, there was just the one spoon that was my go-to stirring friend.  This relationship must have lasted fifteen years or more, until one day, last year, a bit snapped off.

Now obviously I had seen the signs but had, of course, chosen to ignore them in the hope that my wonderful wooden spoon would somehow regain all it’s composure, and indeed it’s composition of years gone by, and fix itself.

Alas this was not to be.  However, wooden spoons are ten a penny, and I had a couple of other stirring utensils so bode my time, constantly searching for the perfect wooden spoon replacement.

Eventually I thought I had found it, and with a great sense of relief whilst not wanting to replicate the spoon of days gone by, I invested my hard earned pence into a spoon with an extra long handle.  However, when I returned home with said spoon it did not fit in with my imaginings at all.  In fact it was then that I realised the visual proportion in the shop changes dramatically when you return to your own kitchen.

The wooden spoon I had invested in had one major fault.

Whilst stirring the food it is traditional, is it not, to taste?  Sadly, the newest acquisition would not fit in my mouth, (comfortably, obviously I now have a technique which crosses that bridge), which just would not do at all.  What is the point, I ask you, of have a stirring spoon that does not allow you to taste from it?

Since then I have been, once again, searching.  And on Sunday, at a car boot sale, for the grand price of 50p, I found what I have been looking for.  My perfect replacement wooden spoon.

Obviously, along the way I have picked up a couple of other spoons.  Temporary measures you understand.  But now, I can say without a hint of irony, that this wooden spoon is my new kitchen utensil love.


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