Fresh Oregano

tomato oregano

There is nothing quite like picking fresh herbs from your own garden.  I do it with a smug pride reserved for a delusional sense of achievement, as though I had something to do with the herb’s ability to grow.  To be fair I did plant it, but that is where my responsibility ends.

Still, I am always very excited to be using my own herbs once more.  I just think they taste different from the bought ones. There is, of course, the sense of having food ‘for free’ which never ceases to make me smile.

Recently, I have been snipping the oregano plant in our garden, chopping and popping it into all things tomato based.  I tell you what, it makes such a difference from the dried stuff.  I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why that is, but I highly recommend investing in growing your own.

And the beauty of herbs is that you don’t actually need a garden.

It’s what windowsills were made for…


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