Making an omelette is my bete noir.  Actually one of my betty noirs, as I have more than one.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that, were I to enter into an omelette making competition right now, and I were a gambling kinda gal, I would put a whole 50p on me not winning.

That, in no way, stops me from occasionally trying to make an omelette though.  Oh no.  Obviously I don’t do it often, as I am always disappointed in my efforts and astounded that I haven’t got any better at the process, but still need to check whether, by some miraculous force, I have embedded the perfect omelette making technique into my psyche through osmosis of the mind.

What, you don’t do the same?

Oh….  *moves swiftly on*

This weekend we have very little on, which I have to say is quite a relief.  It’s amazing how one weekend day packed full of irregular ‘to do’ items, really throws your rhythm of life.  However, that is not to say we’re all sat around doing sweet diddly squat.

I, for example, am seriously considering defrosting the fridge and therefore have made a lentil dhal and a saag aloo.  Because you see, the thing is, I am not a fan of cleaning in the slightest.  I know it needs doing, and, when done, I know it will look great, for the five or so minutes when no-one touches anything.  But that is just not enough of a motivating factor, in my book.

Yes, I’m happy to prance around the room with a feather duster for five minutes or so, as that is instant gratification for very little effort.  I’m even not completely averse to pushing a hoover (or is it vacuum?) about for a shortish amount of time – obviously with the exception of stairs – but a fridge?  That involves taking everything out, turning it off, letting all the ice turn to water, cleaning it, putting it back on, and filling it back up.

I think I’ll do it tonight…


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