Spring Fayre

Spring Fayre

I have known about the Spring Fayre for a good while now.

I have talked about making a couple of cakes and some chocolate slices for probably about the same amount of time.

But, despite my best efforts, I have still ended up doing most of it today, the day before, which I have squeezed in between other bits and pieces we’ve had going on.

I only hope that tomorrow’s weather does an unpredicted u-turn and we have glorious sunshine, as I cannot come home with any cake.  My resistance is already being tested by baking the bally things, that, coupled with the fact that I have licked the spoon twice today without even noticing, may just prove too much.

I tell you what though, it is remarkably difficult to melt chocolate and not find some of it ‘unexpectedly’ in your mouth.  It’s a little like the doughnut challenge I imagine. You know the one?  Where you have to eat a whole sugared doughnut without licking your lips once.

On paper it’s a doddle.  In reality, it’s testing.

Rather like life.


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