Apple Crumble for One

photo (8)

It can be tricky being the only person in the house who is eating sugar, hence a request from the wee boy for apple crumble a few days ago, has not really had the attention paid to it that usually, it would.

However, I have rectified the situation today and whipped up a lovely little crumble, just for him.  In fact, I have a feeling I may have gone slightly overboard on the sweetness.  I cut up an apple and mixed it into a small glass jar that already had some syrup in it.  In my mind I was tidying the place up.  I can only stand small bowls of this, that and the other, around for so long.  So on reflection, it may be slightly over sweet.  Not to worry though, I have counterbalanced this possibility by making rather a large amount of a flour, butter, sugar and oats, crumble topping.

The thing is, as I’m still not eating anything with sugar in it, I’ll never know.  Anything the wee one doesn’t eat will either be hoovered up by son #1 on his return tomorrow, or left in the fridge to go slightly mouldy before being thrown out.

Meanwhile, the gloriousness of being five continues.

Wee boy, looking out of the window:  Mummy, I can see a bird with a white head


Wee boy, still looking:  And a grey round

Me: A what?

WB: A grey round

Me: You mean a grey body?

WB: Yes

Me: I prefer grey round, shall we call it that?

WB: Ok

I never want these conversations to end


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