Perfect Boiled Eggs

egg timer

I absolutely love boiled egg and soldiers.  I love the colours, the ritual, the counting…  Actually, I don’t love the counting at all. You know what I mean, right? When the egg begins to boil in the pan you are supposed to do a slow count to 60 for a soft boiled, 90 for a medium boiled etc. etc.

Which brings up a huge dilemma for me.  In my desire to have everything prepared at the same time, my focus would often wane slightly from the counting, to other things.  I would then try and remember what number I had got to, eventually, more often than not, just making it up to please my inner irritating voice which insists on producing something (I really should have words with that voice) only to produce a very unsatisfactory, usually over-boiled, unpenetrable, egg.

Then one day, a knight in shining armour came to rescue me from this quagmire of impossibility, in the shape of my beautiful man.

What??? Does he do the counting for you?

No, no, no.  He had the wherewithal and curiosity to find a gadget that would take all that unnecessary stress out of boiling an egg.  Enter the wonderful EGG-PERFECT egg timer.  A piece of ingenuity that sits in the water, with the eggs, and gradually darkens around the edges to let you know how boiled your egg is.

It is a piece of wonder and has never failed to produce the perfect boiled egg, thus bringing me the greatest dipping satisfaction.  Which is exactly what I fancied today as I have been under the weather and feeling a little morose as a consequence. Perfect boiled egg and soldiers always manage to lift my spirits.

Oh, and one more thing before I pop off, remember me pontificating about the dubious ‘hint of doner kebab’ taste of Kiwi Bread?  Well, let me tell you, the next day we tried it again and it tastes delicious – not a hint of the unmentionable d.k…


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