Cherry Crumble and Custard

cherry crumble and custard

Sundays always bring with them a sense of calm in our household.  We do sometimes have things to do, appointments to keep, but whatever there is going on within the day, I always try to make something a little indulgent.

Today it was cherry crumble.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, but hang on, it’s not cherry season yet…  Well this is the thing.  I did a huge cheat and opened one of those tins of morello cherries in a not too sweet sauce, and just popped a crumble on top.

Today’s crumble topping was the usual plain flour, sugar and butter combo, but I also added a tablespoonful of semolina to give it a slight biscuit feel.  I know, totally pushing the boat out.

To compliment the very lazy cherries, I made a very lazy custard using my favourite Bird’s custard powder, sugar and milk.  I have to say it is one of the most satisfying things to make as you watch it turn, very slowly, from a liquid to a solid mass. Obviously the solidity of custard depends on how much milk you use, but as the wee one is a fan of cold custard, I always make it quite thick so that when it cools you can cut through it without it falling apart.

And it is with this indulgence that we have greeted February.  The month where everything starts to notch up a gear as we all begin to feel a slight sense of spring being just around the corner.  Which is all well and good, but secretly, I’m still hoping for a snow day…


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