Late Supper

late supper

The thing about having to get somewhere at a certain time, after spending so many days in your pyjamas and reverting to your own, inner timepiece, is that it can, without warning, leave you feeling exhausted.

And so it was with the wee boy on his first day back.  Although we never get anywhere for the crack of dawn, the whole idea of having to be somewhere was unnerving for the wee one, although he did, eventually, get into the spirit of it all having remembered that a couple of his pals have birthdays this month, so there will still be large amounts of celebrating happening at some point in the very near future.

After picking him up from his first day back, and completing a few errands, we made our way back home.  A home which has acquired a new quirk.  We now have, to compliment the other temperamental gadgets, a heating system which refuses to acknowledge that you need sustained pressure in it in order to heat the house and water system.

Having warmed up so that we no longer looked as though we were smoking indoors when breathing out, the wee boy watched a couple of his favourite short films of the moment and I busied myself with household chores.

But why are you relating the mundane to us?  I hear you ask.

Patience my friends.

A little later on the wee boy popped upstairs to play in his bedroom and, whilst passing, I popped my head around the door to let him know that dinner would soon be ready, only to find him curled up on his bed, fast asleep.

It was 6pm.

Now I realise that some of you may not think that too early for a boy of 5, but he has been reverting to his natural timepiece which is in no way compatible with modern day living.  However, I hoped that he may sleep through until morning.

This was not to be.

Instead, as I was going to bed, he was waking up.  So after quite a bit of too-ing and fro-ing, we ended up sharing a very late supper of cherry jam sandwiches, and milk in the wee hours of the morning (photo taken by the wee boy).

Still not sure why I’m telling you this?  Well, because it’s moments like these that I relish.  There is no unusual ingredient and yet there is nothing like eating at a time when you’re normally asleep, in a place which is usually meant for something else.  A night-time adventure.  Nothing fancy you understand, just something a little out of the ordinary.  And in reality these moments are so few and far between, that when they happen it’s an opportunity to create little snippets of magic.

After all, I doubt there will be much chance of us munching away on cherry jam sandwiches together when he learns to make them on his own, although I am hoping for a few more late suppers before then…


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