Carrot Crush

carrot crush

If anyone who reads this blog ever watched The Royale Family, you will already be tittering.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, may I suggest you give it a go?  The Christmas Special where Denise and Dave make Christmas dinner round their house is priceless.

The thing is, I have always enjoyed carrot crush, and actually prefer my carrots crushed, to say, boiled.  Although in all fairness people very rarely seem to just boil vegetables anymore.  There seems to be so many more delicious ways to cook the humble carrot.

As this is the night before we all have to emerge from our own little worlds and face the reality that all national partying is off for the foreseeable I thought we would have one last indulgent meal.  A roast beef sunday dinner.  As an accompaniment I made, amongst other things, carrot crush, which I feel goes very well with roast beef, gravy, and the most delicious horseradish sauce.  Not to everyone’s taste, but I have always loved the sharpness of horseradish.

Anyway, back to the carrots.

It may seem as though I am preaching to the converted here, after all there will be few people, if any, who haven’t at some point in their lives, made a carrot crush. However, at the risk of doing such a thing, I feel there are a couple of important notes to make in order to get the best out of your mashed carrots.

Firstly, boil the carrots in a little water until they have softened but are not mushy.

Drain. ( I often pop the carrot water into the gravy pan as carrot juice is a wonderful savoury sweetener).

Secondly, add a good knob of butter and a teaspoon of crushed black pepper. Mash until crushed but not smooth.


Meanwhile the wee boy, having spent days in his pyjamas, has tried to persuade me many times over this last weekend that it would be better for us all if we just had one more week off.  I can’t disagree with him and have little enthusiasm for the inevitable.

So until then, I am popping on my rose tinted glasses.


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