One of our lovely friends brought a relatively new girlfriend round for lunch one Sunday.  As she was Italian and had not been round before, I decided to cook a traditional Sunday Lunch.

Thankfully, everything went well and she even asked for seconds, adding in the most exquisite English,

‘I just love this sauce, what is it?’

Of course we all know the answer to that one.  Gravy.  Which made me warm to her even more as gravy is one of my most favourite savoury sauces.  And so versatile. I’m not sure whether you are aware, but up here in the North, chips and gravy is ‘a thing’.  In fact, gravy and almost any style of potato, manages to hit the spot perfectly.

Now it would normally be at this juncture in the blog that I would pop up a little recipe, or perhaps a series of ingredients which may aide proceedings.  However, that’s another thing about gravy.  There are so many different ways to make it, and not one more successful, necessarily, than the other.

Indeed one of the many wonders of gravy is just how personalised it can be.

When we were growing up, a regular little phrase of big Dave’s was,

‘Ooo, gravy.  I hope it’s not that bloody runny stuff’

Whereas others are quite appalled by anything other than ‘runny’ gravy.  In all fairness, I think big Dave’s beef was more to do with the association of runny gravy with tasteless gravy.  A hallmark of many foods during and post, WWII childhoods.

But back to present day gravy.  If I were to offer any advice or suggestions at all, it would be this.  Make sure that you have carrots and onions simmering away in your gravy as they add a sweetness that cannot be replaced by anything else.  Funnily enough, not even sugar.

Of course there is always the very quick gravy which come out of a container.   You just add boiling water and stir.  But even that gravy is not off my culinary Christmas card list.

Yes, I think it’s safe to say that gravy, above everything else, is the ‘sauce’ closest to my heart.


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