Hot Buttered Crumpets


The wee boy and I have had one of those days where, although there has been quite a bit to do, we have taken it all at a very leisurely pace.  There is something about a misty autumnal day that lends itself to slowness.

Similarly, what with the shortness of sunlight occurring at the moment, our snacks have become more comforting.

There is nothing quite like sitting down late afternoon, when the darkness is beginning to set in, and indulging in a hot buttered crumpet.  They really do reach the spot.

What is wonderful about crumpets though, is their versatility.  They can be eaten at any time of day or night without feeling in the slightest bit unusual.

I have a mental test to decide how comfortable I am with what I am about to have for a meal.  What you need to do is say, out loud,

‘What’s for …… (put food time name here)?’

‘Toasted crumpets with …. (add topping of you choice here)’

What you begin to realise is that, if, for example, you added ‘stew’ it may not give you that warm, snuggly feeling inside for every mealtime, whereas ‘crumpets’ works with everything.

There are quite a few foods that fit every meal.  Fruit, for example, is a versatile foodstuff, as, I find, is cake.

And just on another note, some people call crumpets, pikelets.

For your information, should you be in the slightest bit interested, they are both made from the same yeast based mixture, and both griddled, but crumpets are usually thicker due to them being cooked in a circular mould, whereas the pikelet mixture is normally spooned straight on to the griddle and therefore is thinner.

So there you go, a little Friday fact for you to enjoy.


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