Golden Syrup

golden syrup


I love golden syrup.  I love the colour, I love the texture, especially when it’s plopped into something warm and it turns from gloopy to runny, but my favourite thing about golden syrup is the unabashed, all encompassing sweetness.

As autumn has officially made it’s presence felt we have taken to having porridge for breakfast.  Now I know there are porridge stalwarts out there who indulge in the porridge experience all through the seasons, but I’m afraid I am not one of them. And the main reason for this is not that I feel it is uncomplimentary to all seasons, indeed I feel with the right topping and temperature, porridge is a very versatile foodstuff.  No, the reason I cannot bring myself to be an all season porridge eater is pure and simply because I find cleaning the pan almost unbearable.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how low the heat is underneath the pan, or how slowly you allow the porridge to cook, it always takes on it’s alternative persona which is that of industrial adhesive.   So for at least six months of the year I refuse to engage with porridge and divert all requests in another direction.

But as soon as that autumnal chill sets in I feel duty bound to cast aside all pan cleaning despair, take the bull by the horns and come to terms with all that must be done, pan wise, because the satisfaction of eating porridge on a cold morning with either mashed banana mixed into it, or golden syrup splodged on top, overrides any pan cleaning aversion, and is absolutely worth every pan scrape needed.

Moreover, it’s a doddle to make.  I always make it with milk and a pinch of salt, but you can do it with water, apple juice, half and half, whatever you fancy. There is just one rule.  Twice as much liquid as oats.  That’s it.  Oh, and once gently bubbling let it continue for a couple of minutes.  Pedants amongst you will deduce that, if we’re being correct, that is actually two rules.

Either way, it’s so little effort for so much delight I’m hoping you will forgive my lackadaisical numeracy skills.








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