Lemon Drizzle Cake

lemon drizzle

There are many things that are exciting about being 4.  One of them is that you eventually realise you can count down to almost anything.  We have been counting down to birthday number 5 for over 50 sleeps.  We have exactly 27 sleeps left, in case you’re interested…

As many of you will probably remember, when you’re 4 there are bursts of party invites which normally happen over weekends and invariably involve driving around unknown streets into the heart of an industrial estate, through a very bland door into a world of primary colours, balls and various climbing apparatus.

All the children absolutely love these places and throw themselves into the action with great aplomb, only stopping for the inconvenient tea party food which is nibbled, unceremoniously for around 10 minutes before there is unrest in the ranks as the wee ones begin imploring the big ones to be allowed to fling themselves once more, around the primary coloured cage.

Although there are some occasional exceptions to this rule, as with all rules.

One of the other wonderful things about being 4 is that cake is never off the menu. At the moment the wee boy has taken a shine to lemon drizzle cake.  I think it may be the gorgeous granulated sugar drenched in fresh lemon juice which is drizzled over the top and dances on your tongue when you first bite into it.

As always though there is only a finite amount and eventually, as with most delicious food things in life, it comes to an end.  Unlike left over sprouts (or little farts as a friend once referred to them).  They never seem to disappear.

Meanwhile, we have now bought all our ingredients for the Christmas Cake making which will be happening next weekend.  I am already starting to feel slightly giddy at the prospect.  It’s as much about the anticipation as the baking itself.  Only 6 sleeps to go.

Some things you never grow out of.


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