Date and Walnut Loaf

Date and Wlanut Loaf

The wonderful thing about the nights drawing in and having less daylight, is that it allows you to indulge in more carbohydrate based food stuffs.  Not that you need to or anything, it’s just a comforting thing to do.

This date and walnut bread is absolutely delicious on it’s own, with butter, cheese, honey or toasted and most definitely makes you feel satiated.

And guess what?  I use exactly the same recipe for this as I do for the other bread (see previous post) but just add a handful or so of chopped dates and a handful or so of chopped walnuts when the bread maker goes beep beep beep.

Remember to put it on a dough setting though, as otherwise the whole thing will be cooked, and, quite frankly, I don’t think bread maker cooked bread is as satisfying as bread dough molded into the shape you require and risen again before baking.

One more thing to watch out for.  When baking the bread, make sure it’s completely cooked through.  I know I’m probably teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here (where on earth did that bonkers phrase come from?), but bread with stuff in it does take a little longer in my oven, so I’m guessing that’s true of most people’s ovens.

Final tip of the day, if you have some dates hanging out in a cupboard that have been there for quite a while, pop them in a bowl and pour over just boiled water. Leave to soak for around 20 minutes or so and they will be as plump as a cushion.

You’re welcome.


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