Sparkly Buns

sparkly buns

For the past ten years, the first Friday in the month of October is transformed into Light Night in our city.

It is the most glorious event, not because there are over 50 free creative experiences to enjoy, and not because of the diversity of arts and culture which included Opera North with its glorious array of musical instruments and classic set piece, Space2 and its garden of unearthly delights, to 365LeedsStories where all they wanted to know was what it is you hope or wish for, or where you will be in one years time – the wee boys answer? In a Bobba Fett outfit

*leaves slight pause to find relevance*

No, the reason this event is the most glorious of things, is that for one Friday night each year the city becomes alive with people of all shapes, sizes, colours, creeds, and cultural references to experience a collective enjoyment of all things that twinkle.

And then there is a relatively new thing which is starting to emerge.  The big piece. The unmissable.  The transfixingly mesmeric.  A play with lights and film projected onto the most apt of buildings, the City Hall.

Of course, what compliments a large group of people best of all?  Food.  Wonderful, aromatic street food.  I don’t think I have had such wonderful battered fish as we had from Fish& (@NoFishyBusiness).  The batter, which I normally discard, was light, fluffy and wonderfully peppery.

It is an amazing experience, as anyone who visits will testify.  The fact that it is only on for one night a year gives it that edge, rather like bonfire night – if you’re not there, whatever your excuse, you’ve missed it.  Which I also find very engaging.

‘So what did you do for Light Night?’  I hear you ask.

We made sparkly buns.


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