The wonderful thing about food is that it brings people together.  It doesn’t matter how you got there, (metaphorically speaking) for that moment in time you are united by the preparing and sharing of food.

I am a huge believer in setting, sitting and eating around a table.  I never request it, I expect it.  The exception is not sitting round the table.  Or ‘at table’ as my auntie Shelagh used to say.  How can you possibly converse if you’re sitting in a line with some distraction or other in the corner?

What I find incredible though, is the way setting, sitting and eating affects the spirit. Having spent the last few years observing what it’s like for people to not have the privilege of sitting around a table to eat food with others, it has become my firm belief that those who don’t adhere to this ritual, for that is what it is, lose a part of themselves forever, to something else.  It remains to be seen whether that something else is for the good or not.  But if I were a gambling man, which I am not, I know where my money would be.

Hang on a minute, I hear you cry, what is all this pontification and, quite frankly, what on earth has it got to do with peppers?

Well my lovely friends, today I roasted some peppers, warmed some pitta, bought some hummus, and shared it with a group of people who don’t often have the pleasure of setting, sitting and eating.  And I have to say, I felt honoured to share such genuine joy, appreciation and fulfilment not only of the body, but of the soul.

Sometimes it’s the little things which have the biggest impact.


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