Apple Picking

photo (97)

I am feeling a little fuzzy today.  And consequently, despite it being our “me and you’ day, the wee boy and I have just done small things which don’t take that long, so that each trip can be interspersed with a sit down and a cup of tea.  That is what happens when you venture out in the evening with loved ones on a ‘school night’.

I would like to say, in my defence that I came home at a reasonable hour, but made the mistake of watching, and then listening, to the Scottish referendum results.  It was possibly a once in a lifetime event though, which is my justification.  But these decisions have consequences.  Hence the fuzziness.

However, this afternoon was apple picking at the wee boy’s Kindergarten.  So we ventured along and arrived just in time for the last few apples to be picked.

To be honest, I didn’t do much except chat to lovely people and internally worry that I was speaking too loudly.  The wee boy had transformed himself into Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars is absolutely where it’s at in our household) so spent the time protecting the universe whilst also making sure no-one left with his lightsaber.

Being totally unprepared, we didn’t take a bag with us to carry the apples so Anakin and I made the decision to just bring seven apples home with us as we both like that number.   Now we have to decide what to make with our pickings.

My money’s on apple crumble.


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