Light Lunch

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I don’t know about you, but I get very bored of sandwiches if I have them every day. I know they are easy to put together and that you can get a huge variety of fillings and breads to pep up the notion of picking up or making a sandwich, but they are all basically the same scenario.  Bread with something inside.

Of course the type of lunch you have is very dependent on the company you’re in and the location.  For someone like me who flits from pillar to post, I try to have a diverse lunch menu which accommodates often being on the move over the lunchtime slot.

There are those people who are very organised and make their lunch the night before, arriving at their destination with a tub of something colourful.  Sadly, I am not that organised and also, find it very difficult to decide what to eat even on the morning of the day I’m going to eat it, never mind the night before.

I remember once overhearing a conversation that a colleague was having with his wife.  They were deciding on what meals they were going to eat for the next six days so that he could go to the supermarket on his way home and pick up most of the ingredients.  Part way through this conversation, he must have glanced over to me and caught the horror on my face because as soon as he put the telephone down he began to explain to me the positives, financial, emotional, time wise etc. of this method.

I still get shivers down my spine thinking about it.  Why on earth would anyone want to know exactly what they were going to eat for every meal, every day?

Which brings me back to my light lunch.  I have been hankering after a bowl of Chakri sticks (crunchy savoury rice sticks) and tomatoes for a couple of weeks now, having seen a friend munching down on it, and admiring the combination.

Eventually, after quite a long period of wanting but not achieving this meal, I managed to recreate this combination for my own lunch and, I must say, I have not been disappointed.  I am often inspired by other peoples lunchtime treats, or, if I’m lucky enough to eat out for lunch, restaurant and cafe lunchtime menus.

You will invariably find me a couple of days later, at home trying out an meal I have seen or experienced, in a desperate attempt to increase the bank of lunchtime possibilities that don’t include sandwiches into my repetoire.  It has only taken me so long to sample the delights of rice sticks and tomatoes for two reasons.  Firstly, I have only remembered that I want to try it at really inopportune moments, and secondly, when I did remember at a more opportune moment, I didn’t have any Chakri sticks in.

Today, however, all the planets aligned and I made myself Chakri and tomatoes for lunch which made me realise another thing I love about this light lunch. It takes less than a minute to make.  For those of you who doubt this speed, here are the 5 easy steps…

1. Pour sticks into a bowl

2. Chop tomatoes

3. Put tomatoes into bowl with sticks

4. Sprinkle a little black pepper onto tomatoes

5. Eat. Enjoy


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