Breaking Plates

photo (95)

Why is it that we go through phases of clumsiness?  I’ve always thought it most bizarre that you can spend days, weeks, even months not breaking a single thing and then when one goes there is a whole spate of them.

I have a shelf with broken mugs on it.  My intention is to create mosaics with them so I don’t feel I’ve wasted the mug.  Especially as they are so often my favourite mug of the moment.  Sadly though, the reality is that they just sit on the shelf gathering dust and broken, for an eternity.  Until that is, there is eventually no room left on the shelf and I either do mosaics with small people – which tends to mean I end up doing most of it myself – or the broken mugs get shifted to the outhouse.  And then when the outhouse is full, they get moved to… you get the idea.

I was thinking about this the other day.  On twitter I often read peoples statistics for the week.

‘You have had two followers, three favourites and one retweet’.

I’m thinking it would be quite funny to do a clumsy kitchen update.  This week you have smashed one plate, one glass and dropped a bowl into smithereens.

Thoughts on a postcard, please.


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