Roasted Root Vegetables

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One of the many beautiful things about Autumn is the crisp air that descends in the late afternoon.  This, for me, allows the pleasure of having ‘warming’ food without feeling any guilt whatsoever.  Which also allows me the pleasure of roasting root vegetables.

Now I know that roast vegetables are almost de rigueur in a lot of households. They are simple to do and always, without exception, taste fabulous, even when burnt. Which is a great plus for someone with an oven like mine.  Many a day I have not looked for a little too long, as the last time I did all the vegetables were nowhere near roasted, only to find out when I did look that they had suddenly changed their minds and were roasted to billy-o.

Moving on.

I would like to share a little secret with you.  Did you know that root vegetables, because of their natural sweetness, become an explosion of root veg heaven if they have a little salt and sweetness added to them?

There are many chefs who add maple syrup, or ordinary syrup to parsnips, but I have taken to chopping parsnips and carrots together, soaking them in Agave and salt and then, once in the roasting dish, adding beetroot and letting it all hang out together.  Trust me, it is delicious.

But wait, what is the Agave nonsense?  I hear you say.

Well, this is the best bit.  It’s sweetness that isn’t bad for you.  Come closer and let me reveal all…

It says, and I quote directly from the front of the bottle ‘low GI organic sweetener, from the finest blue webber agave plant’

*leaves a moment for you to take it all in and consider why this isn’t headline news*

There are two versions, light which is akin to golden syrup, and rich and dark which is akin to maple syrup.  I use the rich and dark one for roast vegetables, and also as a little aside, when we have American Pancakes, I add the rich and dark version, coupled with some lovely crisp bacon.  The light one is delicious in porridge.

So, next time you think, hmmm roast vegetables are exactly what will satisfy me on this autumnal evening, buy yourself some Agave and let the explosion sensation begin.

Oh, and just in case you’re thinking this is way too exotic for my supermarket, they all have it on their shelves, often in the baking section, but if they don’t you can ask the supermarket to buy some in, and they are obliged to do so.

Let me know how you get on.


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