Sausage Curls

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More often than not, there is always something left in the fridge that didn’t quite get used by the time you thought it would.  Now, with my temperamental fridge, I do get a little more leeway than most as the majority of the food in there is suspended in time.  Which does mean I can often go over the recommended date with a large proportion of foodstuffs.  However, inevitably, there comes a point where I have to make the decision…

Does it stay or do I throw?

A little pun on a Clash song there for anyone who’s interested.  Thank-you the lady at the back.

And…  *slight pause for everyone to re-compose themselves*  continue…

Todays ‘use by’ was sausages.  The wee boy has taken quite a shine to sausages, so I have taken to keeping some in the fridge.  But somehow the most recent ones have been demoted and forlornly left at the back, in silent contemplation.   Noticing that they were ‘on the turn’ I decided to make some sausage curls, which my mum used to make as party snacks, but I make as through the day nibbles.

Being a culinary clever clogs that I am, (she says without a hint of irony) I have also taken to having some already made pastry stored in the freezer.  It only takes a couple of hours to defrost and is perfect for those throwing together foods.

Which brings me onto the making of sausage curls.

Firstly, defrost the pastry.  Then put the sausage meat in a bowl.  At this point I add some passata and mix it into the sausage meat from my store in the fridge, but to be honest you can add stuff, or not.  Whatever takes your fancy.   Unroll the pastry and spread the sausage combo over it.  Then roll up the pastry and give it an egg wash.

At this point I cut up the large roll using a bread knife, as a normal sharp knife just doesn’t seem to do the job properly.  Then place each curl onto a slightly greased baking tray and put into the oven, top shelf, gas mark 6, until they look cooked.

Take out of the oven and place the tray onto a wire rack for a few minutes to allow the curls to get themselves together, then take the curls off the tray and allow to cool completely on the rack.  They are pretty tasty warm as well though, just in case you feel you can’t wait.

Thinking about it, I’m sure the sausage roll would be just as delicious cooked in one large piece and sliced warm, served with a lovely salad.

Note to self, must try that.




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