Piccalilli Part 2

photo (89)

As promised, here is the update of my attempt to make Pam the Jam’s Piccalilli.

All starts well, the sun is out but not blasting into the outhouse and therefore the salted vegetables are merrily doing their thing.  Of course, on reflection I can now see why they should really be in a large colander.  When I go to rinse them in very cold water I find there is a small salty pool of water lingering in the bottom of the bowl.  Not conducive for the vegetables to be in really, but I’ll know for next time.

Just as a little aside, I revisited Pam’s recipe earlier on only to discover that the amount of cider vinegar needed exceeded by far, the amount I had.  So I popped out to buy some more, only to catch my reflection and notice that I hadn’t really attended to my hair at all, and the clothes I had on were, being polite, ‘weekend wear’.  Enough holes in them to carry off posing as a string vest.

Too late to do anything about it, I flew around the various establishments I needed to be in, noticing that although others in the shops looked as though they were also dressed in weekend wear, theirs didn’t look as though they’d had a fight with an army of moths and come out the losers.

Back home I was now all ready to continue with Pam’s recipe.  As I’m grinding together coriander and cumin seeds, I begin to collate all the other ingredients, merrily stepping over various items of clothing the boys have left on the floor.  They are recreating their version of Star Wars and have been rehearsing ‘Episode 1: Capture of the Jedi’.  It’s hilarious.  Scripts have been written, storyboards compiled and treatments written.  All by son#1. The wee boy is multi tasking as many characters and son#1 is the director.

Son#1: Put the Darth Vader mask on

Wee Boy: Ermmm, no

Son#1: Go on, put it on

Wee Boy: I’ll do it later

Son#1: But we’re filming

Wee boy goes off to do something else.

Back to the Piccalilli.  So, I’ve ground and mixed various spices and added some cider vinegar (I now have lots), and realise I need to start cooking dinner.  Which I begin to do.  We are on a tight-ish time frame and all of a sudden everything needs doing at once and things are happening to the Piccalilli sauce that I didn’t expect.

Feeling slightly out of control but nontheless determined to get the stuff into the jars I have waiting in the wings, washed and ready to go, I once again slip on the Darth Vader costume which is still availing itself of my kitchen floor.

Finally the Piccalilli finds its way into the jars.  I’m not too sure whether the sauce is too thin, or whether it will all taste way too salty but, for now, I am just enjoying looking at it.  Finished.

Part 3 – the eating of Pam’s Piccalilli – in 6 weeks time.


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