Buying Cake

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Every Thursday, the wee boy and I have a little treat.  To be honest it’s one of our many little treats.  All part of the excitement of being four (insert age here) in my opinion.  I suppose, if I thought about it long and hard enough, I would possibly contend that actually, I may be over doing the whole notion of treats, but I haven’t thought about it that long and hard, because I don’t want to ruin the magic.

What is this little treat?  I hear you ask.

Buying cake.

Not any old cake though, oh no.  We go to Waitrose and choose a cake from their very exciting little cake stall within the shop.  And today’s cake was a strawberry and vanilla cupcake.

The wonderful thing about the Waitrose cake stall is that they put the cakes in a beautiful box, which makes it feel extra special.  We then go straight to the cashier, the wee boy hands over the money in exchange for our cake and a token to put into our chosen organisation plastic box slot, and take the escalator back down to the car park.

By this time the wee boy can hardly contain himself and is already holding his cake, carefully taken out of the box, so that when he gets sat in the car he can take that first bite almost immediately.  And thus the weekend has begun.

On the way home we talk about our day, and what we might do on our ‘me and you’ day.  Precious moments I wouldn’t miss for the world.  And ones I store in my own metaphorical beautiful box to take out as often as I wish.

What could be more magical than that?


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