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It always seems so far away when you start the new year, and yet when it eventually arrives, it feels too soon.  Probably because it is the academic beginning of the year, which means it’s the end of summer.  Not officially until the equinox on the 21st, but still, it’s only around the corner.

Perhaps it’s that you can never quite shift the ‘back to school ‘feeling.  The regimentation kicks in and your wings are once again, clipped.

There is an up side to all of this though, and that is the colours.  There is absolutely nothing like a beautiful September day with blue skies, to walk through a park where the trees are starting to go to sleep, lose their leaves and drop their fruit and nuts.  I have already booked a slot this weekend to go to our local park and pick up conkers.

Before the squirrels pinch them all.

But still, I am just not ready for September yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love autumn, and once I have brushed off this sense of life going too fast, and not having enough time to breathe properly I will, no doubt, be back on track.  But just now I would if possible, like to put a pause on time.

And reflect.

If only to decide what to make for dinner.


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