Sweet Tooth

photo (82)

There’s a funny thing that happens to children when you travel anywhere in a car. For some reason they suddenly gain the ability to eat absolute rubbish constantly. It’s almost like their mind watches everything going by so quickly, it relates a message to their body saying,

‘Wow, we are travelling VERY far, best refuel’

Or, to be more precise,

‘Wow, we are travelling VERY far,  we must refuel on sugar based items only’

And so it is with the boys.  Although to be honest we haven’t travelled that far really, but still, they have managed to devour a rather impressive amount of sweets and grapes in the time it’s taken us to drive approximately one hundred miles.

Of course I could just deny them any sort of food that has names of things I can’t pronounce in them, but my theory is, if you allow them to have everything in moderation, they won’t crave it when they’re older from being deprived of it when they’re young.

I’ll let you know how that one turns out.


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