Cowboy Beans



You may have gathered by now that our routine has gone slightly asunder.  This is due, in the main, to something which is referred to as the Summer Holidays, but as some of you may well have experienced recently, that summer warmth has dissipated into a ‘slight chill in the air’ and, not everyone is on holiday.

However, as always I somehow manage to juggle things around so that we can do holiday things, whilst still essentially contemplating and occasionally doing, work things.  And of course, holidays allow time for small people to make a choice about what they would like for dinner and then change their minds many times over before making a final choice, often similar if not identical to their first choice, without me taking so many deep breaths and counting to ten’s that I have completed a numerical marathon.  As a consequence of this, some of the food over the past four weeks has been chosen by people aged ten or under.  Today is no exception.

I have a love hate relationship with baked beans.  I understand their qualities, and often relish them, but sometimes, just sometimes, they completely fail to satisfy, and I find myself eying them with lethargic nonchalance.   Therefore, in order to give baked beans a lift, we have a meal which is grandly named Cowboy Beans and refers directly to the image of American men and women in big hats, around coal fires, with a backdrop of vast sky, eating beans.

Now I must be clear here, in no way do we recreate the aforementioned scenario. Instead, my culinary translation of the aforementioned is to have sausages or bacon bits popped into the beans.

‘Nothing new there’, I hear you cry.

Ah but wait, those beans in tins you may be referring to are not called Cowboy Beans are they? Oh no, those beans  in tins are called ‘Beans with Sausage’.  Hmmm, now there’s innovation and creative thought, right there…

So this evening we are having Cowboy Beans and toast.  All that’s missing is the camp fire, which must be saved for special occasions, which roughly translated means, when I need to up the anti of excitement.

Oh yes, I know, living La Dolce Vita.


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