Sausage and Mash

photo (65)

Sometimes the weather lends itself to the type of food you fancy eating and today has been no exception.  The wee boy and I have been to one of our favourite haunts with two of my favourite people and had the loveliest of days.  In fact, we’re on an absolute roll this week.  Day after day of enjoyment.

But today was a little different.  Because today we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and allowed ourselves the pleasure of one of my favourite pieces of artwork, ever.  James Turrell‘s Deer Shelter.  If you do anything this year, I suggest you go there.  It’s magical.

Now, whilst there we were bathed in intermittent sunlight which afforded us the enjoyment of a stroll instead of a ‘beat the rain’ brisk walk.  With that comes the notion of light lunch.  However, on the way home, the heavens opened, so after dropping off our precious cargo, we discussed what we could cook for dinner, and without hesitation, the wee boy plumped for sausage and mash.  

I put it down to the rain.

In my attempts to make sure the boys have a healthy engagement with food, they are often allowed to choose not only the menu, but the actual product, which he diligently did.  

So, armed with my potato ricer (everyone with a mashed potato lover in their midst, needs one of these) the dinner was cooked and assembled, paying particular attention to the gravy, which is one of my favourite liquid foodstuffs.  

Occasionally you know, the rain really does do more than the plants a favour.  We haven’t eaten this meal in quite a while, and every single mouthful was delicious.

Mind you, the kitchen looks like a botched burglary. 



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