Tea and Toast

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One of my favourite snacks is tea and toast.  It fulfils so many areas that a snack should.  It’s quick, comforting, filling, tasty, adaptable, warming, welcoming… I could go on.  But probably the thing I love about it most of all as a combination, is the emotional satisfaction it gives, every time.

So today the wee boy and I are cleaning.  We’re not just doing  ‘a quick flick around with the hoover’ as my mum used to say, oh no.  Today we are full on, no nonsense proper taking things out and putting them back, cleaning.

Every time I bring myself round to doing this most laborious of tasks, I reprimand myself at the lackadaisical attitude I have which has caused the unseemly fug surrounding all surfaces close to the cooker.  Well, not all, but those things like the ceiling and the lampshade.  As a consequence of not doing a regular wipe round I have to put a huge amount of effort into getting things to have the ‘tv sparkle’ I’m looking for.  Although in all honesty, I have never quite achieved that look.  However.

We have, so far, accomplished a complete clear out of the herbs, spices, oils, vinegars and unknown others cupboard and deep cleaned around the cooker. I say we, what I mean is I have done that and the wee boy has re-enacted many scenes from Star Wars.  Details aside, we took a break and indulged in the wonders of tea and toast.  Actually, the wee one enjoys a splash of honey on his, I am happy either way.  Satisfied and replete, it is now time to move on to the next job.

I think I’ll just make another cup of tea first though…


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