In honour of the new series of Great British Bake Off starting again on the television, I thought I would ponder today about baking.  Firstly though, it would be remiss of me to talk about that before putting my viewing into context, and therefore I should really just mention, in passing, our television. We have, what some would describe as an ‘old fashioned’ television.  Mainly because it is one of those large box type affairs which, to be honest takes up much more space in the room than is really viable. Consequently, it is ever present, whether on or off.

Recently, our next door but one neighbours trees have grown to such an extent that they block out the signal.  Or that is what we have been told.  So our oversized television spends a great deal of time not working.  However the signal does seem to work when there are no storms around the country. Sometimes.  Other times, normally when I really truly am interested in something on the television, it has a propensity to switch itself on and off in the most irritatingly undefinable manner.  In other words, I never have any idea whether it is going to work or not.

Anyway, back to the bake off.  As someone who loves baking, I watch this programme with absolutely delight.  The characters that emerge never overpower the mainstay of the programme, the baking is always impressive, and the language used by the judges makes me giggle every time.  Of course Mel and Sue absolutely hold the whole thing together in my view, the double entendres, and cheekie quips are just delicious.

You see baking has an amazing ability to bring out the most extraordinary capabilities and emotions.  There is nothing like baking a cake with every element turning out perfectly.  This rarely happens, but when it does, it is the most euphoric of emotions.  In contrast, you can often experience a state of absolute deflation when it goes wrong.  Which it so often, can.  That said, the other wonderful thing about baking is the sharing of your triumphs, however successful.  What will happen this year in the Great British Bake Off, only those on the programme know.  For the rest of us, we follow the highs and lows, the successes and failures, the laughter and tears with baited breath and a comforting knowledge that there will always be cake at the end of each programme.

And they’re off.  This is the start of the next few weeks where I wait, with anticipation, for every episode.  And when it arrives, my enjoyment is never dampened.  I only hope our television and it’s signal, agrees with me.

As a final thought, I have not, as yet, ever tried any of the recipes.  But this series I may well change my habits, and not just watch, but actually bake.


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