Ice cubes

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We are lucky enough to have a garden, even though we live in an inner city area.  This allows us the potential pleasure of sitting outside during the summer months with a cold drink, relishing the warm breeze, and reviewing what needs to be done to maintain said garden.

Now I don’t know about yourself, but I equate summer drinks, whether alcoholic or not, with ice cubes.  In my mind, ice cubes epitomise a cool long drink in the dying embers of the day.  And although I am appreciative of the square ice cube and all that it personifies, I do rather relish the more flamboyant one.

So today, having dropped my precious little bundle off at his grandpa’s house, I have been afforded the joy of sitting in the garden with a cold drink of vermouth, embellished and cooled by my favourite ice cubes of the moment.

Some may see this as frivolous, and not worthy of a mention.  But, my friends, this is the first time I have been without my smallest boy for more than one night, ever.  So it is with slight trepidation, and an understanding that he is in the safest of hands, that I have allowed myself to sip on the wonders of an alcoholic drink, before the sun has set.

I have to say it is a mixed pleasure, but one, I hope, to get used to.


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