Toasted sandwiches

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Over the last few days I have had it in my mind to buy a Breville toasted sandwich maker.  It reminds me of being a teenager, going home with my pals, walking into the kitchen, and reaching for the Breville.  They were always delicious at any time of day or night, and every filling tasted superb.

And the reason why it’s popped into my head after so many years?  My friend bought her sixteen year old son one for his birthday, and posted a picture of it across the social media network.  Since then, it has niggled me, ‘why did we throw away our Breville?’

So today, I have relived my teenage years.  And I have to say, there are a few things I had forgotten.

Firstly, the white sliced loaves are the wrong shape.  They are rectangular and the Breville insists on square.  This means that unless you cut the bread to size, there is always a couple of crusts which pop out of the end.  Either because of this, or in spite of it, the lid of the Breville needs encouragement to say the least, to ensure its lid closes properly.  As a consequence of this disproportionate bread sizing the two pieces of bread never quite fit together. Although in the archives of my mentally filed history, I have a niggling suspicion there is a technique you can use to make sure the two slices remain together as you close the lid – any suggestions gratefully received.

Secondly, the Breville is not very accommodating of a full filling.  In all honesty, it really doesn’t like that much filling at all and will expel any excess whilst cooking. Especially things like baked bean juice which it is uncomfortable with to say the least.  Any filling that has not been rejected by the toaster is tongue singe-ingly boiling.

Thirdly, when the toasted sandwich has cooked, there is a slight burning aroma which doesn’t leave the kitchen for a few hours.

And finally, the Breville is an absolute monster to clean.

However, all that said, I am as happy as a pig in clover that we bought one because despite all the forgotten foibles, there is absolutely nothing like a toasted sandwich.


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