Making Lists

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I am forever making lists.

Shopping lists, work lists, ‘to do’ lists, mental lists, top ten lists.  You get the idea.

I also have a methodology for all these lists.  I have a book for work related lists which unfortunately do not form any cohesive chronology, so I spend quite a bit of time looking for a specific list, but still, they’re there.  I use old envelopes for shopping lists, convincing myself that I am recycling to good effect.  Top ten lists are mainly to do with ‘my favourite…’ which can incorporate anything I have been thinking about for that day, week or even month.   These tend to pop up in my work book, often alongside a doodle.  And of course my mental lists are things that I think to myself ‘I must remember to write that down’ which more often than not happen when I’m either just about to fall asleep, or I’m driving in the car and therefore are usually forgotten as soon as I step onto the pavement.

I presume that most people compose some sort of list in their head on a regular basis, and I do see a great many people wandering around the supermarket holding tightly onto a scrap of paper although I take my hat off to anyone who can whizz round said shopping emporium without buying something extra.

But the thing about lists which always dumbfounds me the most, something I can never quite come to terms with, is why they don’t make you feel more organised.  At the end of the day, when you’re sat with that cup of tea, reflecting on what has just happened over the last few hours, do you ever say to yourself, ‘I’m so pleased I made that list’?  Admittedly it does happen occasionally, but really not so often as to convince yourself that you’re on top of things.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of days at home this week and am already making a list, just mentally at the moment, of things I want to achieve.  I have a chair that needs finishing, a cupboard that needs painting, a garden that needs looking at and a house that could do with a really good clean.  And that’s just the start of it.

Ah well, I’ll put it all on the list and see what happens.


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