Afternoon Tea

photo (50)

I’ve always loved the idea of afternoon tea.  It conjures up an image of well dressed ladies in hats and gloves gossiping whilst sipping perfectly brewed tea, poured from a porcelain teapot into porcelain cups which sit perfectly on their matching saucer, accompanied by a three tiered cake stand of sandwiches with their crusts cut off, and cakes, iced to perfection.

The Great Gatsby.

I’m also a huge fan of the meals in between meals idea.  Morning coffee, elevenses, afternoon tea, supper.  In all honesty though, if I were a devotee of preparing every delegated nomenclature of food times, there would be little time left for the million and one other things to do in a day.

However, there is nothing like treating yourself to one of these ‘added extras’ every now and again.  And so it was today, that the wee boy and I took a trip to the park to partake of afternoon tea in the glorious sunshine.

As with all al fresco foods eaten at another location in the sunshine, there is a balance between the food being edible, and it being melted.  A small window of opportunity.  So with this in mind, I put all the elements into the fridge until we were ready to depart, then filled our flask with boiling water, packed mugs, teabags, milk, scones, jam, fresh raspberries, butter and clotted cream into the cool bag and strode off to the park.

It was a wonderful afternoon and felt ever so slightly decadent.  Of course on our return the butter had succumbed to the heat and sprawled over every possible surface it came into contact with.  But butter is an accommodating soul, and our temperamental fridge will make sure it reconstitutes itself in time for it’s next outing.



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