Where’ve you been?

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There are a few things about camping that you completely forget for most of the year, and then are instantly reminded of as soon as you arrive on site.

These are as follows:

There is a campsite etiquette that you rarely find anywhere else which is that when everyone’s onsite, whatever you have will not be taken by anyone else. However, during the day when some people go off, this ‘shared community’ feel dissipates totally.

It is completely fine to look like an absolute windswept bag of spanners at all times.

Everyone is allowed to roam around in their nightwear, at any time, day or night.

Dogs and children are allowed to waft in and out of your area at any time, hang out with you, share your food and, children especially, tell you their whole life story and then expect you to remember every single member of their families names as a consequence of imparting this story.

And then there is always the list of camping essentials that you have forgotten.  For us these were as follows:

Tupperware to put food in.  Nibbles.  Torch.  Extra layers.  Pillows.  Tin foil.  Toilet roll. Washing-up liquid.

And the other thing which I had forgotten, until it happened, although I did have that slight sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind, was the incongruity of our inflatable airbed.  We decided we would up the anti a couple of years ago, and treat ourselves to a triple layer airbed.  Luxury.  Except it isn’t luxury at all, and every time we sleep on it there is a huge comical moment when you try to turn over and find yourself falling into the shared pit in the middle. This time, however, we have formally acknowledged it’s ineffectiveness, and have decided to give the bed away.  We shall revert to a sensible one layer bed like the boys have.

Of course one of the many delights of camping is the spontaneity of things.  This weekend, what blew me away was the way young boys, teenagers mainly, can find each other on the campsite in order to have a game of football.  Then play the game, enjoy the game, finish the game, and go their separate ways.  It’s a joy to behold.

So that’s where we’ve been all weekend.  Normal services will now resume.


2 thoughts on “Where’ve you been?

  1. Well Big Cuz your blog certainly puts a smile on my face, am going to try your carrot cake which also happens to be the gave of not only me but also Big Sis C. Keep up the blog, sharing with friends as am proud of my Domestic Goddess – Nigella? Pah! Wictoria xxx


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