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I absolutely adore mackerel.  I love the oiliness of it, the saltiness of it, the texture of it.  I love it smoked and fresh, warm and cold.  Absolutely everything about it.  I can even cope with the inevitable tiny bones within it.  So imagine my absolute delight when I found out that you can get it from a local supermarket either fresh with a chilli and lime dressing all ready to cook, or smoked with a piri piri dressing.

I have tried both, but tonight plumped for the smoked version and let me tell you, it is out of this world.  If you like mackerel.  Obviously, if you’re not that keen, I’d imagine you are feeling slightly bilious by now.

So for tonight’s dinner, I made a smoked piri piri mackerel salad and delicious new potatoes, smothered in butter, as Nigella might say.

‘What is in this salad?’ I hear you ask.  Well, I decided to put in red, yellow and orange tiny peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, rocket, spinach and watercress, and beetroot.  But to be honest, you could put anything you fancied in there.  However, if you’ve never had the combination of mackerel and beetroot, you truly are missing a treat.  Once again, you do really need to be on the ‘I love beetroot’ wagon to even have a chance of trying the combination, but trust me, when you do, there will be no turning back.

So that is what we have eaten.  I was hoping we could maybe eat outside, in preparation for this weekends camping trip, but sadly, just as it was all ready, the heavens opened, and we ended up sitting in semi darkness due to not being able to put the kitchen light on.

But that’s another story.


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