Indulgent Cooked Breakfast

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Every now and again, we indulge in one of the most wonderful of meals.  That of the cooked breakfast.  For me, it can only be made and eaten in certain circumstances. Firstly, it must not be rushed, and therefore by default, is usually made in one of three situations:

1.  Weekends

2.  Holidays

3.  Camping

I have tried to make a cooked breakfast on work days, and even in the evening, but it is never the same. Time restraints, sun positions, day possibilities and so many other quirks only lead to disappointment if this meal is orchestrated at any other time than the breakfast slot.  And just to make it clear what I mean by breakfast.  Breaking your overnight fast.  Which means that it can be eaten at any time of the morning all the way up to one o’clock in the afternoon, in my book.  But it’s a personal thing.

Right, back to the meal ingredients.  Bacon. Always best from the butcher, acceptable if ‘thick cut’ from the supermarket.  Sausage.  There is a bone of contention in our household regarding sausages.  Himself prefers the ones with less meat content.  I am happier with a higher meat content.  One thing we can both agree on, is that for a cooked breakfast to be at it’s best, the sausages with herbs, tomatoes or any other added nonsense must be left on the shelf for alternative meals.  As far as which sausage we have goes, it is totally dependant on who goes out to buy them.

We occasionally have fried bread, black pudding, devilled kidneys or spam, but these I see as extras, and not part of the main event.

Eggs.  I absolutely adore everything about eggs.  Their taste, their versatility, their shape, I could go on.  The one thing I insist on is that they are from free range hens. There is absolutely no need in this day and age, for chickens to be mistreated.  We always have them fried at home, sunny side up.  The eggs that is, not the chickens.

Mushrooms.  Chopped and cooked in butter with heaps of black pepper and a sprinkling of salt.  Tomatoes.  Tinned plum.  Beans.  Heinz.  Bread and butter.  Tea.  In a mug.

And here’s how I put it all together.  Put the kettle on.  Fry the sausages until browned, then pop in an ovenproof dish, and into the oven.  Put the mushrooms, butter, salt and a good splodge of black pepper into a pan with the lid on and simmer.  Warm through the beans and tomatoes.  Fry the bacon, add to the sausage dish in the oven.  Make the tea.  Fry the eggs.

Plate up.  Enjoy.

Just as a final thought.  I know many see the cooked breakfast as an overindulgent heart attack on a plate.  I am not about to disagree, but what I will say in its favour, is that it nourishes the soul and sets you up for the day.  And what is so wrong with a little indulgence every now and then, eh?



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