Sleeping in

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The thing about having a relaxing weekend is that our household has taken on the ‘we’re on holiday’ mode and as a consequence, no-one woke up this morning on time.  In fact, my first moments of consciousness were of the wee boy, standing 20cm away from my face, pleading with me:

‘Mummy, please can you help me? I just want to be Darth Vader’

To be honest, I’ve no idea how long he had been standing there, but the tone in his voice suggested he had asked me the question more than once.

The inevitability of being late becomes secondary when you sleep in.  Similarly, the ability to multi-task under pressure kicks in.  So, the bath is put on, the breakfast cereal poured out, the cup of tea made, and the clothes put on.  All in about five minutes.  And then hilariously, you look at the clock and congratulate yourself at your own speed and dexterity, and for some reason, relax.

At this juncture I would just like to recap a little and write about breakfast cereal. Well one breakfast cereal in particular.  Kellogg’s make a cereal called Coco Pops – little puffs of rice coated in an overly sweet brown substance which makes the milk turn chocolatey, apparently.  You know them?  Well, they have brought out something called Coco Pops Rocks.  Large balls of something covered in an overly sweet brown substance, interspersed with pale brown rugby ball type things with a chocolate like gooey substance inside them.  I have renamed them dog biscuits. They are absolutely disgusting.  Of course I do not have the palate of a child, and to be fair they weren’t requested for the Rocks, but for the little squidgy ball that is ‘free’ with them.  Part of the World Cup marketing.  Although to be honest it is an extremely tenuous link.  However, my advice?  Walk away from the Rocks.

So, eventually everyone is dropped off, and before I begin brain tasks of the day, I decide to go and buy son #1 a new duvet, which I have been promising to do for a while, but not quite got around to.

As I’m wandering around the shop, trying to focus on what I came in for, but slowly getting sucked into looking at things I neither want nor need, I catch myself in the mirror and my heart sinks.  I have a top on that used to be beautiful, navy blue with white at the bottom.  However, I’d forgotten that I’d washed this top last year with something purple which had stained the white so that it now looks a dirty pinky grey. Which is why it had been relegated to the ‘only wear at home’ section. Obviously in my head only.  I hadn’t actually got round to physically separating it from the ever increasing ball of oneness which my clothes are occupying in the draw (it’s on the list).

And so it is that I find myself having to spend the day sporting an unkempt, dishevelled look once more.  Thank goodness I don’t have the paparazzi on my heels.  It’s not a look that will catch on, that’s for sure.

Oh, and just to let you know, I almost succeeded in only picking up what I needed. Except for being swayed by some glorious pink flamingo glasses.  And a couple of other small bits and pieces…



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