Apple Crumble

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As far as puddings go, crumbles always remind me of warm, hearty family food.  So it seemed appropriate that today, as the wee boy and I were having one of our special ‘Me and You’ days, we should make something cosy to eat.  But there is also another reason why we made a crumble today.

At the wee boys kindergarten, every day is known by the food they have to eat.  So Wednesday is pasta day, Thursday is rice day and Friday is known as apple crumble day.  In honour of this, our day has been spent talking about, and eventually making, apple crumble.

Firstly, the apples.  We chose beautiful red eating apples, as they were shiny and looked very appealing.  I have a suspicion that baking apples are probably the preferred option of many, as I understand they have a more sour taste and therefore compliment the added sugar, but sometimes you just have to go with the appeal of a food.  Which is what we did.  These were then cored, chopped and added to a pan which had soft brown sugar, butter, and a sprinkling of cinnamon thrown in.  The apples were simmered for the duration of time it took to make, and drink a cup of tea, so that although all coated with the toffee like mixture, they weren’t mushy. They were then plopped into a dish suitable for putting into an oven.

The crumble.  Now I have often played with different crumble toppings, added oats, semolina, ground rice, and even wholemeal flour on occasion, which have been met with a positive reception, but nothing beats the classic flour sugar butter combo which is always met with enthusiasm.

Of course the dish I chose to use, coupled with the ‘still with a crunch’ apple mixture, meant that I had little room for the crumble topping, so made it into a pyramid shape, patting slightly to ensure that the oven didn’t shave the top off when I put it in.  Which is where it was placed, gas mark 5, until it looked done.  Being the proud owner of an oven that will make a decision in the moment as to whether it will cook something more on one side or not, I tend to not really go with timings as it often leads to undercooking or an overdone half.  Therefore, a crumble that is cooked, for me, means the fruit is starting to bubble up around the edges, and the crumble is beginning to look golden.

We left it out for five minutes whilst the vanilla ice cream was taken out of the freezer to defrosted slightly.  It may be worth pointing out at this juncture that we also have a temperamental freezer, which often makes a unilateral decision to freeze food which would make the arctic look like a water pool. However, on this particular day, as the ice cream had only been bought earlier, it didn’t get the chance.

I would recommend apple crumble day to anyone.  It was just lovely.


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